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San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club

Conflict of Interest Policy

Of the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club, Incorporated

Business or Professional Interests

Officers, board members, and key event coordinators have outside personal, business and professional interests. However, they may not make a profit in any way from their outside interests that come as a result of their actions on behalf of, or using the facilities of, this organization.

During board meetings, officers and board members shall disclose ahead of time any conflict of interest involving an issue before the board. After making this disclosure, they may participate in discussion of the issue. However, they shall not vote on the issue.

Key event coordinators, such as chairs of rides, shall likewise make the board aware of any potential conflicts of interest in a timely manner, and work with the board to seek ways to make sure the best interests of the club are protected.

Gifts and Gratuities

Officers, board members and key event coordinators will not accept gifts, gratuities, trips, personal property or other items of value from an outside person or organization doing, or seeking to do, business with the club.

Personal Beliefs

Officers, board members, and key event coordinators hold a wide range of personal beliefs, values and commitments. These can present a conflict of interest if they prevent them from acting for the best benefit of the organization or fully carry out their responsibilities. These potential conflicts should be revealed prior to any relevant decisions or actions taken on behalf of the club, and steps taken to have the officials step aside for the decisions or actions.

Use of Facilities and Staff

Officers, board members, and key event coordinators shall refrain from using the club's staff, services, equipment or property for their personal or family gain.

Implementation of Policy

All persons acting on behalf of the club should disclose any possible conflict of interest to the president and board of directors, and all practical steps taken to avoid an actual conflict.
Some conflicts may only become apparent after actions or decisions are taken in spite of everyone’s good faith efforts. In such cases the president and board should be notified as soon as possible, and the board and person(s) involved should try to ameliorate the situation and seek ways to prevent it in the future.

The board will investigate all reports of conflict and determine whether a violation of the above policy has taken place. If a violation has taken place, the board will determine the best and appropriate action to be taken.

Officers, board members, ride chairs and other key event coordinators specifically designated by the board shall be required to annually sign an acknowledgment of having received a copy of this policy, and agree to abide by the policy.


I have read and understand this conflict of interest policy and agree to abide by its tenets.

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