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San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club


Of the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club, Incorporated
As of January 1, 2016

The Board of Directors (the “Board”) has adopted the following policies governing the operation and administration of the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club (“SLOBC”).

The policies are supported by Process Notes that the board adjusts in accordance with club bylaws and policies to address changing circumstances.

Policy changes made during the current calendar year are highlighted in Yellow.


1. Administration

1.1 Board meetings will be held monthly unless the Board approves canceling a meeting due to a lack of business to discuss.

1.2 Bylaw changes, annual club budgets, and decisions which the Board determines should be approved by the general membership will be submitted to the membership for approval.

1.3 Proposed changes to the bylaws should be submitted to the Board no later than August 1st.  Board minutes should summarize the Board’s review of the proposed change. Changes which the Board approves will be published in the October SLO Coaster and will be included on the December ballot. The rationale for the change should be clearly stated in the SLO Coaster.

1.4 Proposed additions or changes to club policies may be submitted to the Board at any time for the Board’s review and approval.  At the Board’s discretion, major policy changes may be submitted to the general membership for approval.

1.5 The Board may conduct business between regularly scheduled meetings using electronic means such as email.  All such meetings must be convened by the President (or the Vice-President in the President’s absence), and all communication shall be by email. The President shall email all Board members notifying them of an upcoming electronic discussion that may lead to a vote by the Board.  The notice shall request that all Board members indicate their willingness or ability to participate in a vote.  All information germane to the issue to be discussed, (including but not limited to individual Board members’ comments, discussion, questions, willingness or ability to participate, and voting position) will be sent to all members of the Board. In the event that more than one issue is to be discussed, each email from and between members should be limited to one issue. All decisions must be made with a quorum of Board members participating.  The Secretary will gather and archive all electronic communications pertaining to Board decisions.  Decisions using electronic communications will be memorialized in minutes of the Board and be made available to club members in the same manner as minutes of regularly scheduled meetings.

1.6 The SLOBC name and logo (collectively the marks) are the property of the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club, Incorporated.  Any and all usage of such marks whether on apparel, printed material, or web sites is subject to review and approval by the Board or its appointed designee.

1.7 The Secretary shall maintain the SLOBC bylaws and policies. Any new policy statements will be clearly identified in the Board minutes. The Board will review the policies at least annually and if necessary, make appropriate changes. The outgoing President and Secretary will provide copies of the Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, and club policies to incoming Board members prior to the January Board meeting

1.8 The club’s membership records and ride participant lists are confidential and may not be provided to or be made available to any person or organization other than current club members.

1.9 The Nominating Committee is responsible for the development of a slate of officers for the club’s annual election in December. The Nominating Committee consists of the active past presidents of the club. The committee will appoint a chair. The current club vice-president will serve as Board liaison to the committee.

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2. Conflicts of Interest

2.1 Except as provided herein, club members may not profit or otherwise financially benefit in any way as a result of their actions on behalf of SLOBC and shall refrain from using the club's staff, services, equipment or property for their personal or family gain. The club may purchase goods and/or services from club members provided that (1) the price quoted by the member is for goods or service of comparable quality and is equal to or less than the price quoted by a third party vendor, (2) the member offering to provide the service has no involvement or influence in the decision as to which vendor to use, and (3) the purchase from a member is approved in advance by the club president. In addition, an individual’s personal beliefs and values could prevent a person from impartially acting in the club’s best interest.  Members shall disclose any possible conflict of interest to the President and Board so that action can be taken to avoid an actual conflict.

2.2 Officers and Board members shall disclose any conflict of interest involving an issue before the Board. A Board member making such a disclosure may participate in discussion of the issue but cannot vote on the issue. 

2.3 Officers, Board members and key event volunteers cannot accept gifts, gratuities, or other items of value from persons or organizations doing or seeking to do business with the club.

2.4 In the event a conflict becomes apparent after actions or decisions are taken, the President should be notified as soon as possible. The Board will investigate all reports of conflicts of interest, determine whether a violation of this policy has taken place, and if necessary, determine the appropriate action to be taken.

2.5 To ensure that all club members are aware of this policy, this policy will be published once a year in the SLO Coaster.

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3. Finance

3.1 Prior to the November Board meeting, the Treasurer will draft a budget for the following calendar year.  Interested club members are invited to participate in that process.  The budget shall provide that the club breaks even for the year, with the excess of income over expenses allocated to the operating reserve account.  In addition, the Treasurer will prepare an itemized list of budgeted contributions.  The operating and contributions budgets will then be submitted to the Board at the November Board meeting.

Once approved, both budgets will be printed in the December SLO Coaster and presented to the general membership at the December meeting for approval.

3.2 A reasonable effort shall be made to pay all budgeted contributions during the calendar year. Any unspent contribution funds at the end of the year will be added to the operating reserve account. If the Board wishes to make a contribution in excess of the budgeted amount, the additional amount must be approved by the general membership.

3.3 The club will maintain an operating reserve equal to the average gross revenues for the prior year’s Wildflower and Lighthouse rides, rounded to the nearest thousand.

3.4 The club will maintain a separate capital projects reserve account to be used for capital improvement projects which the Board determines worthy of funding, in full or in part, for the benefit of the bicycling community of San Luis Obispo County. Standards to qualify for consideration include the following:

  • The project contributes to improving bicycle use and/or safety.
  • The project creates or expands a bicycling opportunity.
  • The project promotes increased bicycle use.
  • The project meets a high priority need of bicycle supporting organization(s).
  • The project will leverage funds to assure its accomplishment.
  • The project will focus on bicycle improvements on the ground.
  • The project enhances bike club visibility in the community.

An ad hoc committee will be formed to evaluate each project proposal/request. At least two committee members must be Board members. The committee will recommend to the Board the scope of the project, the duration and amount of funding, and any required actions to be taken for the project. The Board will then vote to approve, disapprove, or modify the recommendation made by the committee.  As part of the budget process, the club will establish the amount of contribution to the reserve account for the year.

3.5 All memberships have a renewal date of January 1st regardless of the actual date an individual joined the club.

3.6 Individuals who serve as President will receive free life membership provided they submit an accident waiver and release of liability form.

3.7 Member mileage reimbursement claims will be reimbursed at the IRS rate in effect at the time the expense was incurred.

3.8 All vehicles rented by SLOBC should be rented in the club’s name and damage insurance should not be waived. 

3.9 Local merchants should be used whenever possible for the purchase of supplies for club rides and functions.

3.10 The club may reimburse a portion of the costs for special events rides, provided that the ride has been posted in two issues of the SLO Coaster.  The club will reimburse up to $20 per rider for special rides (such as the Indulgence Ride) and up to $5 per rider for all other special events rides.

3.11 Upon renewal of the club’s insurance policy, the Board will renew its annual declaration that volunteers are covered by the club’s insurance policy. 

3.12 Our policy is to let the schools receiving scholarship contributions determine the selection standards for the scholarships.

3.13 Any refunds issued by SLOBC may be reduced by any bank or processing fees incurred by the club.

3.14 A review of the club’s financial records will be conducted annually. The lead reviewer should be knowledgeable about accounting and auditing and have had no involvement in maintaining the club’s accounting records. The lead reviewer may recruit club members to assist with the review. The club Treasurer will provide the information and records requested by the review team in a timely manner. The review will cover cash disbursements, cash receipts, bank account reconciliations, significant variations between budgeted and actual amounts, and filing of state and federal tax returns and reports. The review team will also review existing procedures to determine if they provide sufficient internal control over club assets. If applicable, the team will recommend improvements in such controls to the Treasurer and Board. The review team should submit a summary report of their findings to the Board within four months after the end of the fiscal year.

3.15 The following financial internal controls should be maintained by the Board:

  1. The Board shall annually appoint the Vice-President or another board member who is not involved in handling the club’s finances to be the Internal Control Officer (ICO) for the club.
  2. Payments in excess of $2,000.00 require the written approval of a Club Officer other than the Treasurer (President, Vice-President, or Secretary). The Treasurer shall forward a copy of the invoice/check request for the proposed disbursement to the approving officer, and the approver can return his/her written approval to the Treasurer and the ICO via fax or email.
  3. For the Lighthouse and the Wildflower rides, the Clothing Sales Captain shall report the amount of cash/checks received from sales and any other event activities directly to the ICO in addition to the Treasurer. This procedure shall also be used for any other events that result in cash/checks in excess of $150 being collected.
  4. The ICO shall undertake the following steps in a timely manner. At each board meeting the ICO shall report to the Board (1) that the required steps were taken during the prior month and (2) any unusual items that were noted. The report should be noted in the club minutes.
  1. Obtain copies of the monthly on-line bank statements for each of the club’s bank and investment accounts.
  2. Review all cancelled checks to ensure that they have been paid to known vendors, that the amount paid seems reasonable and that the endorsements for all checks agree with the payee of the check. Be sure that all disbursements in excess of $2,000.00 were approved by a club officer other than the Treasurer
  3. After receipt of the monthly bank reconciliations from the Treasurer, compare the bank balance to the bank statement and the reconciled general ledger balance to the amount shown on the monthly financial statement prepared by the Treasurer. Verify that all deposits-in-transit from the prior month’s bank reconciliation were deposited into the club’s account in a timely manner. For any checks that have been outstanding more than two months, ask the Treasurer to follow up with the payee to determine why the check has not been cashed.
  4. In the months when the Wildflower and Lighthouse rides or any other event takes place that results in over $150 in cash/checks being collected, ensure that the amounts received by the responsible person have been deposited to the club’s bank in a timely manner.

3.16 SLOBC sanctioned rides (rides covered by the club’s insurance) are rides published in the SLO Coaster or on the SLOBC public website and shall occur within the geographic limits set by the insurer. Rides outside that geographic area may be covered by additional club insurance provided that the participants pay the additional cost.

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4. Records Retention

4.1 The following documents shall be stored in suitable containers in the club storage shed:

  • Official correspondence
  • Minutes of Board and general meeting
  • Copies of the Articles of incorporation and bylaws.
  • Tax exemption documents including IRS and FTB letters of determination. 
  • Year-end financial reports and related accounting records (bank statements, canceled checks, check registers, investment statements, support for disbursements, and tax returns are to be retained for seven years).
  • Signed accident waiver and release of liability forms for active members will be   kept at the membership coordinator’s home.  Previous waivers and releases are to be retained for five years.
  • Waivers for century rides shall be retained for ten years.  
  • Accident reports. 

4.2 The current Historian will maintain old articles and newsletters concerning the history of the SLOBC at their home (records are to be filed chronologically and be maintained indefinitely).

4.3 The Treasurer will utilize an accounting computer program to facilitate maintenance of club financial records.

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5. Century Rides

5.1 The Board should recruit and appoint ride chairs as soon as possible after positions become open. The Ride Chair is responsible for the planning, goal setting, organization and administration of his/her event.

5.2 Board and Ride Chair will review and analyze preceding events and make changes to such things as ride routes; registration fees; clothing prices; food options; volunteer rewards; and promotional giveaways to improve the ride experience, safety and financial success.

5.3 The club’s two century rides are normally scheduled in April and September. Scheduling considerations should include avoiding major religious holidays if at all possible.

5.4 The Ride Chair in coordination with captains as needed is responsible for developing a Staffing Plan prior to the opening of volunteer signup.

5.5 Projected Wildflower and Lighthouse ride revenues shall be allocated approximately 60% to cover ride expenses and 40% to fund club operations and contributions.

5.6 Volunteer positions for the century rides may be filled by SLOBC Members and friends and members of groups that the SLOBC supports and partners with. (e.g., Bike SLO County, Cal Poly Amateur Radio Club, CCCMB, Cal Poly Community Cycling, Estero Bay Ham Radio Club). Non-member volunteers will be eligible for the same benefits as SLOBC member volunteers.

5.7 The pre-rides preceding each century are for century ride volunteers only. Century ride volunteers choosing to ride the main ride can do so for free but must sign in prior to participating in the ride.

5.8 The Ride Chair will be custodian of all job folders for their respective Wildflower or Lighthouse ride. 

5.9 Exclusive agreements and ongoing relationships with vendors and partners may be established for club century rides given the following conditions:

  • Exclusive agreements with vendors and partners may only be made for one calendar year;
  • All exclusive agreements with vendors and partners will be reevaluated every year by the Ride Chairs and Board to ensure they are financially beneficial and reflect club goals and values; and
  • Vendor and partner recognition and benefits will be negotiated by the Ride Chairs with Board approval.

5.10 Member discounts for ride jerseys and t-shirts will only be given for items ordered before the clothing order is placed with the vendor. After the ride, leftover items may be sold to club members at a discount. Anyone purchasing items between the time the order is placed with the vendor and the ride is completed must pay the full price. 

5.11 Any non-profit organization whose primary purpose is bicycling related activities may contact the club’s President to request permission to set up a display kiosk or booth at a club century ride. The Board will determine whether the group will be allowed to set up such a booth and will establish any conditions related to the display. The purpose of the booth must be to provide information to cyclists about programs and events, and the group will not be allowed to sell items that conflict with the club’s clothing sales.

5.12 All SLOBC members shall be notified of Wildflower and Lighthouse Century volunteer opportunities. All available positions shall be filled on a first–come first–served basis. The Wildflower and Lighthouse Ride Chairs are responsible for developing a Staffing Plan and overseeing the volunteer recruitment processes.

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6. Publications

6.1 The club's newsletter, directory and member website shall not contain commercial advertisements, flyers for any cause or ads for other clubs' rides.

6.2 The club's public website, social media, email communications and Wildflower and Lighthouse Century materials may contain vendor, sponsor or partner identification, information, offers and events as approved by the Board.

6.3 The club's newsletter, directory, websites, social media and email communications shall not contain comments derogatory to local businesses. 

6.4 If space permits, advertisements by members for bicycles and accessories may be included in the newsletter.

6.5 A digital newsletter shall be automatically emailed to all members and subscribers who have provided an email address.

6.6 A digital directory shall be automatically emailed to all current members who have provided an email address. A printed version of the SLOBC Directory will be produced annually and mailed to all current members that choose to receive one as part of the membership process at no cost to members.

6.7 The club ride calendar shall only include rides consistent with the club's bylaws and policies and those other rides as directed by the Board. All changes to the ride calendar must be approved by the Ride Coordinator before publication.

6.8 The general email group is available for club members to post cycling related information which would be useful to the membership. Examples include club functions, bike coalition activities, and warnings about road hazards. It should not be used for non-cycling related news, fund raisers, funny stories, personal experiences, etc. Information about rides should be included in the ride calendar or distributed via the separate email groups established by participants in some of the standard group rides. As an exception, an announcement regarding a new ride may be distributed to make members aware of it.  

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7. Clothing

7.1 The Clothing Coordinator shall be appointed by the President in consultation with the Board.  The Clothing Coordinator may solicit other club members to assist in carrying out the position’s duties. Due to lead times on clothing orders, appointment of a successor Clothing Coordinator should be made as early as possible prior to the next Wildflower or Lighthouse ride.

7.2 The Clothing Coordinator shall oversee the solicitation, selection, design, ordering, production, and delivery of all cycling clothing, T-shirts and promotional items needed by the club. The Clothing Coordinator shall establish a common format and requirements for the creation and presentation of jersey design alternatives and provide members an opportunity to vote on the alternatives. The Clothing Coordinator shall develop or oversee the development of Wildflower and Lighthouse Century T-shirt and promotional items (e.g., patch) to reflect the essence of the selected jersey design.

7.3 The Clothing Coordinator shall develop a schedule for the design and production of Wildflower and Lighthouse Century clothing and publish it on the slobc website.

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8. Miscellaneous

8.1 At the discretion of the President, an individual who wishes to solicit funds for his/her participation in a charitable fund-raising event may make a presentation for contributions from members at a general meeting. 

8.2 Sanctioned club rides are those published in the SLOBC newsletter and/or on the SLOBC website. All sanctioned club rides must have a Ride Leader.

8.3 Ride Series Coordinators and Ride Leaders shall fulfill their responsibilities and follow the best practices as described on the SLOBC website. Both Ride Leaders and Riders are responsible for knowing, exhibiting and encouraging others to follow the cycling best practices as described on the SLOBC website.

8.4 Sanctioned club rides are for the benefit of club members. Non-member/visitor participation shall be limited by the terms of the club’s insurance.

8.5 The club’s HAM radios are for use by licensed radio operators during club sponsored events. The radios will be stored and maintained by a club member designated by the President.  Use of the radios by licensed radio operators at events which are not sponsored or sanctioned by SLOBC (for example, the SLO Triathlon) will be determined on a case by case basis by the President.

8.6 Club owned equipment used to support club sponsored rides and events shall not be used by members for their personal use.

8.7 Club members needing access to the club's storage facility to obtain equipment for club activities will be issued keys on a temporary basis. Keys shall be promptly returned to the club upon completion of the activity.

8.8 The SLOBC is willing to help other public and nonprofit groups host cycling related events by loaning our property and equipment for use at their events.

Items available for loan:

  • Folding Tables
  • Coolers/Ice Chests
  • Water Jugs
  • Portable Bicycle Racks
  • “Pop-up” shade canopies
  • Small route directional signs
  • Large Caltrans approved traffic control signs

Conditions that must be met before any club equipment is loaned:

  1. The organization must be a nonprofit or other public organization;
  2. If the event requires an event permit from a governmental agency, such as Caltrans, the County of San Luis Obispo and/or a city, the organization must show evidence that such a permit(s) have been obtained;
  3. Items will not be loaned if they are needed for a club sponsored ride or event and are never available for the time periods that include the last three weekends of April and the first weekend of May and the last three weekends of September and the first weekend of October.
  4. An authorized representative from the borrowing group must sign an inventory sheet and present a refundable $200 deposit to ensure the equipment is returned in good order.

The Club’s Advocate will manage the lending program. In the event of loss or damage, the borrowing organization will be required to pay the stated replacement cost for any lost or damaged item(s). The actual amount owed will be determined by the club’s Advocate and the borrowing organization’s authorized representative.