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San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club

Strategic Plan

Revised March 2017


Recognizing the need to review, update and establish goals for the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club, the Board of Directors engages in an annual envisioning meeting in January of each year. After reviewing the club’s mission, vision and values statement and existing Strategic Plan, the board edits and updates the plan to reflect accomplishments and add new goals.

The following categories of Goals and Strategies were set:

Members are encouraged to review the Strategic Plan and email comments and suggestions to the Board at

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: To promote safe and legal bicycle riding for recreation and transportation

Vision: A community that encourages and supports bicycling and respects the shared and courteous use of roadways, trails and paths.


  • Riding our bicycles with friends
  • Exploring our environment by bicycle
  • Sharing our transportation system with motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Organizing cycling programs and events
  • Promoting bicycle safety
  • Funding bicycle-related organizations and programs
  • Advocating for laws and infrastructure improvements that support safe cycling

Goals and Objectives

Financial Management

The club has specific policy guidelines in place to set dues, event registration fees, event budgets, contributions budget, and annual allocations for contingency and capital improvement funds. The 2017 financial management goals are:

  • Encourage and support responsible budget management for all club events, programs, and rides.
  • Identify and fund the installation of public bicycle racks in SLO County as funds are available.

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The club reaches out, supports, and partners with local bicycle-related organizations and businesses to further cycling opportunities and events in San Luis Obispo County. In 2017 we plan to:

  • Work closely with Bike SLO County to enhance the effectiveness and success of both organizations in monitoring and obtaining bicycle related improvements and programs.
  • Have SLOBC members serve on the Bike SLO County Advocacy Team.

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Volunteer Enhancement

The SLOBC recognizes the importance of maintaining the energy, skill, knowledge and commitment of its volunteers. As such the club board will pursue the following:

  • Encourage Ride Captains to mentor others in the role with the purpose of
    expanding the Ride Captain pool.
  • Create a Volunteer Reward & Recognition Committee.
  • Identify incentives to encourage general volunteer participation.
  • Determine specific rewards and acknowledgement for the volunteer
  • Address barriers to volunteer involvement.

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A culture of safe cycling exists within the club and safe cycling practices are consistently modeled by members taking part in club rides. 2017 goals include:

  • Train ride leaders in safety issues by offering and encouraging attendance at a minimum of two ride-leader training classes.
  • Make safety suggestions a regular monthly element of the SLO Coaster.
  • Update club members on changes to CA DMV regulations pertaining to cyclists.
  • Develop ideas to improve community attitudes towards cyclists and educate the public in motorist and bicyclist rights and responsibilities.
  • Research the possibility of Public Service Ads (PSA’s) that promote cycling and best safety practices for cyclists and motorists alike.
  • Use letter-to-editor, road signage, same roads slogan and other means to educate and influence motorists.

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Club Rides

The club encourages recreational rides as a means to provide an enjoyable cycling experience for members and help them become proficient at riding. In 2017 we would like to:

  • Organize several riding groups so that club rides are accessible to all levels and locations of members.
  • Have Ride Series Coordinators develop a weekly or monthly series of rides. Each ride will have a responsible ride leader.
  • Encourage members to become ride leaders by providing tools and training, such as, RideWithGPS, STRAVA, email lists.
  • Develop a ride leader specific recognition/reward program.
  • Conduct an annual ride leader appreciation lunch.
  • Organize a few club-wide rides during the year to which all members are invited.
  • Explore the idea of conducting a bike handling training class.

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Membership Retention

The SLOBC actively seeks new members to maintain club vitality and to support the club’s mission of safe and legal bicycle riding for recreation and transportation. 2017 goals include:

  • Encourage ride leaders to recognize new members and ensure that someone in the group accompanies them on their first ride with the group and shares the club’s safety practices.
  • Make membership fun by continuing the “Eat and Greet” Committee’s efforts to plan and carry out social opportunities and events for club members.
  • Create a new member event/ride to orient them about club practices, programs and activities
  • Recognize new members at meetings and social events and ensure that a veteran member introduces them to other members.