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Equipment Lending Program

The Club owns a variety of equipment that is used in the operation of our large organized bicycle rides and at other club sponsored events. The SLOBC is willing to help other public and nonprofit groups host cycling related events by loaning our property and equipment for use at their events.

Items Available for Loan

  • Folding Tables (6 foot)
  • Ice Chests (110 quart / 48 quart)
  • Water Jugs (5 gallon round)
  • “Pop-Up” Shade Canopies (10' x 10')
  • SLOBC Directional Signs
  • Caltrans Approved Traffic Control Signs

Lending Program Conditions

  • The organization must be a nonprofit or other public organization.
  • If the event requires an event permit from a governmental agency, such as Caltrans, the County of San Luis Obispo or a city, the organization must show evidence that such a permit(s) have been obtained.
  • Items will not be loaned if they are needed for a club sponsored ride or event and are never available for the time periods that include the last three weekends of April and the first weekend of May and the last three weekends of September and the first weekend of October.

Lending Process

  • The Equipment Lending Form must be completed and signed.
  • A refundable $200 deposit must be submitted with the completed form. Make checks out to SLOBC.
  • Email the Club’s Advocate at advocate@slobc.org for further information and to complete the process and arrange for pickup and return.

Loss or Damage

The borrowing organization will be required to pay the replacement cost identified on the lending form for any lost or damaged item(s). The actual amount owed will be determined by the club’s Advocate and the borrowing organization’s authorized representative.