Club Stats

Since 2000 the the club has maintained a site where its members could maintain statistics about their riding (and other activities). Over the years more than 100 members have made use of this capability. It is easy to use, maintains a record of your efforts and may give you some tools to help you challenge yourself to accomplish more.

Go to the Club Stats website (opens in a new window).

Site Use Pointers

  • When you first go to the site, you will be asked to register. You give you name and log in information. Then you pick the type of stats you want to post. You can also assign goals if you want. Save this and you’re ready to go. You may have to log in the next time your start. But after that it will happened automatically (unless you clear your cookies).
  • Enter your stats on the Add Activity tab. Usually all you need are values picked off your bike computer.
  • You’ll see that there is a tab with your name on it which shows the activities you’ve posted. There are three view available there.
    • Table: It shows summary totals for each month. But if you click on the month, you can expose all the activities you’ve posted. You can edit or delete an activity by clicking it’s date.
    • Annual: This show annual totals for all your activities. It takes a while for this to be interesting, but open one of the other users and you can see their tab.
    • Graph: Here you can look at your data in a lot of different ways. These won’t be very useful until you’ve got a fair history of data. I’ve got 15 years and I can have lots of fun with them. You can compare your achievements against your goal or what you did in another year.
  • You review the other members at the member tab. If you click on a member there, you open up a tab that shows that members data.