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Ride Ratings

There are three factors that often affect a person's choice to participate in a ride. These are average speed, terrain and distance. Our rides are rated in terms of speed and terrain and ride distance can be found by clicking on a group's name in the following table.

Choosing Rides by Average Speed

Average speed is often the critical factor in choosing a ride. The following table provides a comparison of our weekly rides in terms of Average Speed.

  Average Speed (mph)
Group Name 9 to 12 12 to 15 14 to 17 Over 16
Tortoises X      
Flaming Tortoises X      
SLOPokes X      
The Bus X      
Baywood/Los Osos X X    
Vacillators   X    
Yellowjackets   X    
Scramblers   X    
Tweeners   X    
Frequent Feeders   X    
Wandering With Will   X    
Long's Tour   X    
Arroyo Grande     X  
Breakers     X  
Ramblers     X  
SlabTown Rollers     X  
SLO Velo     X  
Tuesday Night     X X
Breakaways       X
Flyers       X

SLOBC Ride Rating System

All scheduled SLOBC rides are designated as to Average Speed and Terrain to give riders a better idea of how hard or easy the ride will be. Both Average Speed and Terrain designations will appear in the descriptions of each ride and are the responsibility of the ride leader to follow. In some instances more than one designation is possible for some rides—for example, refer to the above table for rides that support multiple speeds. When that happens, the Ride Leader is responsible to see that both groups have a leader.

Code Average Speed
Very Slow
Less than 10 mph. This pace is for families with children and for those recreational riders who like to "stop and smell the flowers." Regroups often. Waits for the slowest of riders.
9 to 12 mph. Leisurely, easy pace, allows riders to visit while riding. Some riding skills required. Waits for slower riders. Regroups occasionally, usually after a hard hill or just before a route change.
12 to 15 mph. Good riders. Social pace. Regroups every 30-45 minutes but still waits for slower riders.
14 to 17 mph on reasonably level terrain. Requires experienced riders. Regroups at roughly every hour or so. Requires occasional pace line riding.
Over 16 mph. Race training, infrequent stops. Mostly pace line. No obligation to wait for other riders
Code Terrain
1 Generally flat.
2 Easy grades, occasional hills. Most of the Frequent Feeder and SLOPokes Rides.
3 Rolling hills. North county hills like Vineyard Drive and Peachy Canyon.
4 Hard hills. Highway 46 from coast to Paso Robles, Santa Rosa Creek.
5 Very challenging hills are the focus of these rides. Fortunately, not many in our area.