SLO Poke Rides

This is a list of some of the favorite rides of the SLO Pokes group. This group likes to keep the pace of rides at about 12 miles per hour, ride 20 to 30 miles and avoid strenuous hills. If you are new to cycling, this is a good place to find a great variety of enjoyable rides.

North County Inland Routes

Route Start Miles Ascent
Open Ranges (Shell Creek) Shandon (Crawford Clarke Park) 32.3 700

South County Routes

Route Start Miles Ascent
Hi Mountain, Biddle Biddle Co Park, AG 21.4 2,100
Lopez Lake Heritage Square Park, AG 23.5 1,800
Where in the Hell is Huasna Heritage Square Park, AG 21.1 1,100
Wine Now, or Whine Later Heritage Square Park, AG 20.0 1,100

Coastal Routes

Route Start Miles Ascent
Lighthouse & Elephants Shamel Park, Cambria 26.6 1,200