Be Prepared

Riders should always be prepared for typical problems that they may face while riding. It is expected that every participant in a SLOBC ride with have the essentials with them. Ride leaders should carry both the essentials and the desireables.

The Essentials

Tube: One is essential but two are better.

Tire Levers (2 or 3): It is very difficult to get most road tires off without tire levers however, most tires can be put on without a tire lever.

Pump: Make sure it can easily pump your tires up to the desired presure.

Patch Kit: For those bad days when multiple flats occur.

Boot or Duct Tape: To repair a tire enough to get home. The boot or duct tape can be placed inside the tire. Wrap a small portion of duct tape around a section of pencil or dowel.

Mulit-Tool: A multi-tool should have everything you need to make adjustments and simple repairs to your bike. A multi-tool with a chain break is desireable.

Water: Every rider should carry water appropriate for the ride. Consider temperature, difficulty and distance in determining the qualtity. Plain water is also good to clean scrapes.

The Desireables

Cell Phone: Share phone numbers at the beginning of a ride to be able to contact each other in case of separation. Dial 911 or if a cell phone has no carrier coverage, Dial 112 to connect with any available carrier.

Mulit-Tool: A multi-tool with a chain break.

Master Link: In case your chain breaks during the ride. Ride leaders should carry master links for 9 and 10 speed chains.

Chain Hook: A length wire (coat hanger) with a hook at either end to hold the chain while inserting a master link.

Tweezers: To remove debree from tires. Small knife might work.

Surgical Gloves: Keep your hands clean during dirty repairs.

Lightweight Jacket: Allows you to respond to weather changes.

Toilet Paper: For those special days.

First Aid Related

Refer to First Aid for diagnosis information.

Heart Monitor: It provides important information to help you assess how you are doing.

Sunscreen: Especially for long rides.

Small Pillbox:
Aspirin: Chew in the case of a Heart Attack
Diphenhydramine (Benadryl): Take for Bee Stings
Pain Releaver: Carry a few of your favorite pain releiver (Tylenol, Advil, Aleve)