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San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club

Century Captain Information

Thank you for volunteering! The leadership of our captains and the devotion of our teams have made this one of the best bicycling events in the state.


  1. Review the previous captains' reports and information related to your job on this website.
  2. Contact the Rice Chair for the job folder.
  3. Develop a task timeline and plan for the operation of the team.
  4. Review your list of volunteers found under the Volunteer tab in the Member site. The Volunteer coordinator (email:, will continue to recruit volunteers, update this list (although the on line lists will only provide names - no contact information).
  5. Contact all your volunteers by phone or email to welcome them to your team and confirm their participation.
  6. Schedule a meeting of your volunteers during the general volunteer meeting or at a time and location of your choosing.
  7. Encourage an atmosphere of cooperation and fun among volunteers.
  8. Fill our an Incident Report if you observe or come upon an accident during the event. It is very important to get the cyclist's name and emergency contact, if possible.
  9. Use the Reimbursement Form for your expenditures.
  10. Fill out the online Century Job Report on Sunday after the ride. The form must be completed and submitted prior to the Debriefing Meeting.
  11. Update your job timeline and operational plan and include a copy in your folder.
  12. Rest Stop Captains should fill out the left over food inventory and include a copy in your folder.
  13. Bring your folder to the debriefing meeting.