Clothing Management

The Clothing Coordinator will receive notices when jerseys have been ordered by members through the Member website.

Clothing Downloads

  • Order Stats: Contains clothing order numbers by type and size. Separated into Paid, Unpaid and Volunteer groups. Download and enter in Voler order.
  • Paid Orders: Contains orders by members grouped into those to be picked up and those to be mailed. Download and provide to Clothing Preparation Captain. Cross check with volunteer list.
  • Unpaid Orders: Contains orders by members not paid. Assume they are sending in payment by check. Post check when received.

The lists of clothing choices by volunteer are available under the Volunteer tab as Downloads named Special Rewards and T-Shirt Choices.

Posting Purchases

It is essential that checks received from members for their clothing orders be posted at our membership site. Otherwise membership orders will appear as unpaid.

  • Click on the Clothing tab in the Management page
  • Enter Member Name and click Select
  • Select an order from the Existing Order menu
  • Click the Edit
  • Enter the check number
  • Click Save

At this point, you can go back and edit these transactions, if necessary.

Making Deposits

When you have a collection of checks that you want to send to the treasurer, return to the Clothing management page and click the “Deposit” button. This will Download a file of the checks. Print and send this with the checks to the treasurer.

It is possible that the file will include checks that you do not have if the “Deposit” button was not used in the past. If so, edit the file to remove the extra checks.

Using the “Deposit” feature is important because it transfers “ownership” of the transaction to the treasurer. The treasurer can then edit the transaction as needed in the future (e.g., if the check bounced).