Membership Management

Posting Memberships

It is essential that checks received from members for their membership be posted at our membership site. Otherwise memberships will not extended and print choices will not be recorded

  • Click on the Membership tab in the Management page
  • Enter Member Name and click Select
  • Click on Post in the Process Payments section
  • Check Printed Newsletter and Printed Directory as appropriate
  • Enter the check number
  • Click Save

At this point, you can go back and edit these transactions, if necessary.

Membership Deposits

When you have a collection of checks that you want to send to the treasurer, return to the Membership management page and click the “Deposit” button. This will Download a file of the checks. Print and send this with the checks to the treasurer.

It is possible that the file will include checks that you do not have if the “Deposit” button was not used in the past. If so, edit the file to remove the extra checks.

Using the “Deposit” feature is important because it transfers “ownership” of the transaction to the treasurer. The treasurer can then edit the transaction as needed in the future (e.g., if the check bounced).

Membership Downloads

There are three reports that the membership coordinator should download and use.

  • Newsletter Mail List: Contains the names and addresses of everyone who has paid for the printed newsletter.
  • Directory Mail List: Contains the names and addresses of everyone who has requested a printed directory.
  • Pending Members (Unpaid): Contains a list of people who filled out applications but failed to complete the payment.

Membership Emails

There are three email distribution lists the membership coordinator should use.

  • Membership Coming Due: Send to “All Active Members” to remind them that annual membership renewal is coming up (includes memberships that expire at the end of the year or just expired at the end of last year).
  • Life Member Waiver: Send to “Prepaid & Life Members” to remind them they must sign a waiver.
  • Pending Members: Send to “Pending Members” to remind them they filled out an application but failed to complete the payment.