Shell Creek Rest Stop Volunteers


This page contains detailed information about Shell Rest Stop. It is the second largest rest stop after the Lunch stop all three rides 50 70 and 100 pass thru the stop. The rest stop is scheduled to be open from 7:30am to 1:00pm. Do to the location in the middle of no-where we need everything there from porta-potties to generators to make electricity for making hot water and coffee.

The area that we setup on is just off the road on private property, that we get permission to use, please be careful when parking your car stay close to the road, we do not need to damage the land.


Here is a Google Map of the Location you can use this map to get directions to the Shell Creek Rest Stop. From Los Osos driving through Santa Maria the drive time is estimated to be about 53 minutes.


  • April 24, 2014 Wildflower Volunteer Meeting at 7pm at the SLO City/County Library, 995 Palm Street, SLO. Here you can ask questions and pickup your volunteer T-shirts.
  • April 26, 2014 Shell Creek Rest Area, 6:30am till about 1pm a lunch will be picked up from Shandon.
  • April 27, 2014 Volunteer Brunch 10:30 AM - The Volunteer Brunch is open to all volunteers and will be held at the South Bay Community Center, Los Osos Attendance at the brunch requires an RSVP


Canopy Setup Two Kinds of Pots


  • Clear cow pies
  • Unload canopies and set up
  • Unload tables and position under canopies
  • Set up signs on road
  • Setup Bike Racks
  • Position food Trays and supplies on tables
  • Set up water/cold drinks on tables
  • Set up hot drinks table
  • Unload/set up generators and start, connect pots for hot drinks
  • Monitor ports-potties, renew TP rolls as needed
  • Cut food and put on serving trays
  • Monitor & refill water and cold drinks
  • Monitor & refill food trays
  • Monitor generators
  • Send volunteer to Shandon to pickup lunch supplies
  • Inventory and incoming food from other rest stops
  • Inventory left-over items
  • Take down tables
  • Take down canopies
  • Take down bike racks
  • Bring back signs from road
  • Segregate/bag garbage, recycling, reusable food
  • Reload personal items and generator
  • Reload Truck