Member Volunteer Process

The following describes the process members should use to volunteer for century jobs.

Volunteering Process

When volunteer sign-up opens, all members will receive an email containing a link that takes them to the sign-up webpage on the member site. These links are specific to the member receiving the email and allow access to the volunteer sign-up form without entering a user name or password – it eliminates the first two steps below.

  1. Login into the Members Only website (opens in a new window)
  2. Click on the Volunteer tab
  3. A list of the open jobs will appear in the "Add" drop-down menu.
  4. Complete the Volunteer Form:
    • Select your name from the "Select Family Member" drop-down menu if it is not visible
    • Select the desired job from the "Add" drop-down menu (choices not visible are already full)
    • Select your T-Shirt style and size from the T-Shirt Choice drop-down menu
    • Select if want to attend the Volunteer Brunch from the "Brunch Choice" drop-down menu (leave it blank if you are not attending). It is important that you cancel if you cannot attend because the club will be charged $35 for each no-show—a reservation MADE is a reservation PAID.
    • Enter any "Brunch Guests Names" The cost for a guest to attend is $35 payable at the door
    • Choose a "Pre-ride Route" from the drop-down menu if you plan to ride
  5. Click on the Save button to complete and save your choices.
  6. You should receive a confirmation email. Make sure that it correctly reflects your choices.
  7. Return to the form at any time to change or update your choices.