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San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club

Process Notes

The Board of Directors has adopted the following processes to support the Policies of the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club.


1. Administration

Membership Signup

The SLOBC will maintain an online membership process that requires annual renewal, waiver acknowledgement and electronic dues payment. A printed membership form that includes a waiver will be developed for those without internet access or who want to pay by check. Payment process should be setup to accept credit cards.

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2. Conflicts of Interest


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3. Finance


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4. Records Retention


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5. Century Rides

5.4 Volunteer Staff Planning

  1. The Ride Chair identifies the Staffing Plan for the upcoming Wildflower or Lighthouse Century and the timing of job recruitments (“Early” and “Open”).
  2. The Staffing Plan for each upcoming Wildflower or Lighthouse Century will be published on the website.
  3. A call and process for volunteers to fill “Early” job positions will be published.
    • The Ride Chair may recruit “Early” volunteers
    • Assistant positions can be offered to members new to a job with the understanding that they will take on the position in the future
  4. A call and process for volunteers to fill all “Open” job positions will be published.
    • Open volunteering will begin on the day of the Volunteer Brunch
    • Volunteering will use an online process
    • Assistance by the Volunteer Coordinator will be offered to those without internet connection or who encounter problems
    • The Volunteer Coordinator, with support from the Ride Chair and respective Captains, will resolve any issues related to volunteer staffing.

5.7 Century Vendor & Partner Recognition

Partner or vendor recognition may not appear on any club century clothing except when approved by the board. Partner and vendor recognition may be provided in one or more of the following ways:

  • Logo, name and text on the ride’s route slip Name and link on the ride’s webpage
  • Signs produced by the partner or vendor at registration and any rest stop(s)
  • Name and link in the April/Wildflower or September/Lighthouse editions of the SLO Coaster
  • Partner or vendor provided some number of ride registrations, t-shirts or jerseys
  • Other options as agreed to by the ride chairs and board

Century Truck Rental

Rest stops, with the exception of Lunch, Shell Creek and Shamel, and the start (Registration & Clothing Sales) are expected to rent a truck to deliver their equipment and supplies/food. The rest stop captain or one of their team members will rent, drive and return the truck.

Century Rider Check-In

All riders must check-in in person and show a photo ID.

Century Rider Registration Transfer

All century registration transfers must be completed through our ride registration service provider ( Transfers must be completed no later than 6 A.M. two days before the ride.

Volunteer Brunch Attendance

To support young families within the SLOBC:

  • Children 5 and under eat free
  • Children 6 to 15 will cost $10 each
  • Children 16 or 17 may volunteer with their parents to earn a brunch
  • Children 18 and over are invited to volunteer on their own

It is the responsibility of the volunteer to inform the Brunch Captain of any children that will be attending the brunch.

The club will pay the difference in price negotiated with the caterer.

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6. Publications


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7. Clothing


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8. Miscellaneous