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San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club

Ride Leader Best Practices

These Ride Leader Best Practices identify key issues and recommendations to assist in planning and leading rides that are safe and enjoyable.

Ride Planning

  1. Design or identify a route
  2. Scout the route in advance to check for safety, points of interest, re-group points, destinations (e.g., places to eat), rest rooms and ride distance
  3. Prepare a Route Slip as appropriate
  4. Gather SAG materials needed for the ride. Go to Be Prepared under Safety tab.
  5. Notify any commercial place (coffee shop, restaurant, etc.) where the ride will stop and provide an estimated number and time of arrival

Ride Beginning

  1. Arrive at the ride location before ride time
  2. Bring Route Slips and SAG materials as appropriate
  3. Greet and introduce riders
  4. Check that all ride participants are members or First Ride visitors. Inform First Riders that they are covered by our insurance and that if they wish to ride with us again they must become a member.
  5. Count the number of riders participating
  6. Make sure that everyone has a helmet
  7. Distribute Route Slips as appropriate
  8. Describe route, regroup locations and destinations
  9. Identify known route conditions or features that may present safety problems
  10. Describe if and how different rider paces will be accommodated
  11. Describe if and how route alternative subgroups will function as applicable
  12. Make sure any pace and route alternative subgroups know who is part of their group
  13. Identify No One Left Behind practices to be used by the group or subgroups. The base practice is that the next-to-last rider automatically becomes the last rider's buddy.
  14. Remind riders that they are responsible for modeling best Safety practices.
  15. Ask if any riders plan to deviate from or not complete the planned route

The Ride

  1. Start the ride once everyone is ready
  2. Check to see that everyone arrives at each regroup point
  3. Insure that everyone is part of a group for the return trip from the destination/coffee stop.

Ride Ending

  1. Check that everyone planning to finish the ride arrives at its end point
  2. Complete and submit an Incident Report if appropriate