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Ride Series Coordinators & Leaders


Ride Series Coordinator

A Ride Series Coordinator is a club member that volunteers to organize a weekly or monthly series of rides and does so for a minimum of three months. A Ride Series Coordinator’s name (under Coordinator) and contact information will be published in monthly ride calendars and other ride related club communications.

All Ride Series Coordinators are automatically part of the ride-series-coords@slobc.org email group. The email group can be used by the SLOBC Ride Coordinator, Safety Director, President or Board to communicate with Ride Series Coordinators.

Ride Series Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Design the ride or ride series in consultation with the SLOBC Ride Coordinator (ride-coordinator@slobc.org).
  • Respond to questions about the ride series
  • Facilitate discussion concerning ride changes with regular participants
  • Keep information published on the monthly Ride Calendar and Ride Information web pages up to date
  • Lead or recruit a Ride Leader for each ride
  • Communicate information provided by the SLOBC Ride Coordinator, Safety Director, President or Board to riders at the beginning of your next ride.
  • Email any current road hazards or upcoming road work to safety@slobc.org.
  • Provide a record of who has led series rides to the SLOBC Ride Coordinator at the end of each calendar year

Additional Variable Start Responsibilities

  • Recruit a volunteer to lead the ride for each date
  • Assemble and format the required ride information (Include categories):
    • Date: Month Day (Date: June 6)
    • Start: Start Location Name (Download SLOBC Ride Start Locations (pdf))
    • Destination: Place Name (Coffee stop or farthest point) (optional)
    • Route: RWGPS Route Link only (optional)
    • Note: Special Ride Information (optional)
    • Leader: First & Last Name
    • Phone: 000-000-0000 (Provide Phone or Email)
    • Email: aaaaa@bbbbb.ccc (Provide Phone or Email)
  • Email the required ride information to ride-coordinator@slobc.org and webmaster@slobc.org before the 15th of the month for publication in monthly club communications.

Multiple Group Rides

Our published rides typically function as a single group following a common route that reflects the group's Ride Information. There may be riders that travel at the upper and lower ends of the speed range but they all stop at the same regroup points and wait until everyone arrives.

There are published rides that support multiple groups (e.g., Tuesday Night Ride (C,D/2). This ride has two groups (C2) and (D2) each with a ride leader that start and end at a common location but travel different routes designed to allow them to arrive at the end together.

Rides that choose to support multiple groups should describe it in their Ride Information. It is the responsibility of the Ride Series Coordinator to make sure that there is a ride leader for each group.

Participant Led Rides

If it is not possible to find someone to lead a given ride, the Ride Series Coordinator may publish or announce it as a Participant Led Ride. This means that the riders that show will collectively fulfill a Ride Leader's responsibilities—hold a Ride Start Communication.

Ride Leader

It is the policy of the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club that all club rides have Ride Leaders. A Ride Leader is a club member that volunteers to lead a ride. A Ride Leader's name and contact information may be published in club communications.

Ride Leader Responsibilities

  • Respond to questions about the ride if their name is published
  • Know and follow applicable Ride Leader Best Practices
  • Plan or know the ride route. The SLOBC has a paid SLOBC CLUB group at RideWithGPS that provides access to all RWGPS capabilities. You will need a free or paid RWGPS subscription to join the SLOBC club group. Once you join, you can request the ability to create and add routes to the group by sending an email to ride-coordinator@slobc.org.
  • Have first time Non-Members sign an SLOBC Member Waiver (pdf) form and let them know that if they wish to ride with us again they must join the SLOBC
  • Provide you cell phone number to riders
  • Lead the Ride Start Communication
  • Remind riders that they are responsible for modeling best Safety practices
  • Model "Best Practices" yourself
  • Insure that everyone is accounted for throughout the ride
  • Submit an Online Incident Report within 72-hours for any incident that occurs during a ride.
  • Install the American Red Cross First Aid Mobile App on your smart phone
  • Email any observed road hazards to safety@slobc.org.

SLOBC Rides & Insurance

SLOBC Sanctioned Rides (club rides) are rides published in the SLO Coaster or on the public SLOBC website. These rides are conducted for the benefit of club members. Leaders and club members participating in these rides must follow the best practices and guidelines as described on this and related web pages. These documents define how sanctioned SLOBC rides are "conducted and supervised" in terms of our insurance.


Non-Members (visitors & guests of members) are welcome to ride with us One Time before joining the club. However, our insurance requires that all non-members sign an SLOBC Member Waiver (pdf) form before riding.

Leaving the Ride

If someone or some group fails to adhere to the best practices and guidelines during a Sanctioned Ride (in effect leaving the ride), then the member or members who departed from the ride would not be covered by our General Liability or Participant Accident insurance. This means that what is published about a ride in the Ride Calendar, described in the Ride Information and communicated by the ride leader at the beginning of a ride defines the parameters of that ride and deviating from this means that a rider or riders are leaving the ride and are no longer covered by club insurance.

Email the club's Insurance Coordinator at insurance@slobc.org if you have questions.

Ride Leaders Lunch

Each year the club sponsors a lunch to acknowledge the volunteers that have coordinated and led club rides.

Lunch Eligibility

  • All Ride Series Coordinators are eligible to attend the annual Ride Leaders Lunch.
  • All Ride Leaders that have led a minimum of three (3) rides during a calendar year are eligible to attend the annual Ride Leaders Lunch.